This Incredible Smartphone App Is Helping Lost Dogs Find Their Way Home

The worst possible thing I can think of is losing my dog. I'd do everything in my power to find my pup, from distributing flyers to launching epic social media campaigns. Luckily, the Finding Rover App is the answer to this heart-wrenching problem. ginie What is it? Finding Rover's philosophy is all about bringing lost dogs home. It's a free app designed to make sure every pup is returned to its family. "It's basically like a digital 'lost dog' poster," said Finding Rover founder, John Polimeno. "It's returned more than 700 dogs to their owners so far." how to use finding rover How does it work? Think of Finding Rover as a digital directory for your pup and others in your neighborhood. Complete with a profile, photos, and contact information, it has a similar profile interface to Facebook. [bp_related_article] If a pup is lost, the app will notify organizations, app members, and social media outlets. Someone who found the missing pup will take a photo, which has facial recognition technology and noise functions (to grab the dog's attention for taking clear pictures -- we all know hard that can be). The facial recognition has 98% accuracy. If there is a match, you will be contacted by phone, email, and through the app itself. how finding rover works How will it help owners and pups? This app isn't just for owners with missing dogs. It can be used by anyone who encounters a lost dog in his or her neighborhood. lost dog 1 This app also opens a doorway for even more communication between people who might never know one another. Shelters and rescue networks can communicate with dog owners or others who recognize the lost pup. lostdog With a nearly-instant flow of communication, an app that utilizes technology in such a perfect way can ease the fears and stress of losing your dog. How do I get it? Finding Rover is currently available for iPhones and Androids and is being used in California and Florida. For more information on how this app is used, watch this helpful video: [embed][/embed] Follow Finding Rover on Facebook and watch their Youtube for tips and tutorials.
H/t to Sun Sentinel
Featured image via @abracodecao/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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