Family Loses Dog Inside The House And Finds Him, Well… You’ll See

When Connor Stumm posted the photo of his dog in a dishwasher to Reddit it went crazy, fast. The world may never know just how Bear the Jack Russell managed to crawl back there, but at 13 years old it’s clear nothing stops the little guy.

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Stumm assured the inevitably concerned commenters that the dishwasher was never closed, and couldn’t possibly be closed, with, you know, a dog in the way. We guess he just wanted to get a head start on the prewash with front row seats.


For a kid away at college, nothing is more cumbersome than racking up over 2.4 million views on a post when you’re trying to concentrate on your schoolwork. Stumm told The Huffington Post:

It’s actually really hard to study for final exams while a picture of your dog gains 10,000 views every few minutes on a separate browser window… if my mother asks after my grades are released.

But the views come only second-best to the minefield of wonderful comments posted to Reddit and Imgur.

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The worst part about all of this is that no one was proactive enough to wash the non-stick pan.

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