Guy Hilariously Reenacts Famous Movie Scenes With His Boss’s Dog

It’s a ruv story for the ages: Redditor mmsspp & his boss’s pup, Wrigley. A few stolen moments at lunch time are responsible for the for some of the best moments in the history pup cinema!
1. Dirty Dancing: “I can haz the time of mah life?!”

Dirty Dancing

2. Ghost: “I ruv you.”  “Ditto.”


3. Sixteen Candles:”Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.” “I wish you’d tell me why you set my food on fire!”

Sixteen Candles

4. Brokeback Mountain:”I wish I knew how ta quit u!”

Brokeback Mountain

5. Spider-Man:”With great paw-er comes great responsibility!”


6. The Graduate: “Mizzus Robinson, r u tryin’ to seduce me? ‘Cause you’re gonna need more treats than that.”

The Graduate

7. The Notebook: “If uz a bird, I’s a bird. But if ur a cat, I’m out.”

The Notebook

8. Titanic: “I’ll nevah let go, Jack! OOOOooooh, is that a squirrel?!”



h/t to Twenty Two Words

Laura Hartle

8 years ago