An English Farmer Live-Tweeted The Entire Birth Of 10 Sheepdog Puppies

Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 20, 2015

When Scottish farmer and author James Rebanks (known as Herdwick Shepherd on Twitter) decided to live-tweet his pregnant sheepdog Floss’s labor on Thursday, he had no idea that the miracle of birth would bring him thousands of followers and better yet, 10 puppies!

Read how he chronicled from the first puppy to the 10th below!

Floss, looking up to the challenge ahead of her!

The first pup!

Annnd another!

They keep on coming!

The third pup makes an entrance!

Predictions on the size of the litter…


A healthy set of lungs so far!

Pup number five is in the world!

Still more puppies to come!

Number six!

Floss, taking a breath between births!

And the seventh pup arrives!

Night falls…

And in the morning, Floss is the proud mother of 10 puppies!

For all of the tweets and updates on Floss and her puppies, check out @herdyshepherd1. Congrats to Rebanks and Floss on their additions to the family! 🙂


Featured Image via @herdyshepherd1
h/t to Buzzfeed

Written by: Lisa Bernier

March 20, 2015