GASP! Fifty The 2-Legged Pit Bull Reunited With His Former Foster Puppy This Week

Six months ago, Fifty met his (now former) foster sister, Jane, and they instantly shared a special love. She found her forever home just a couple months after - which, before you ask, was definitely the best thing for all parties involved (especially all the foster dogs Fifty's mom has been able to take in since). Thankfully, the heartwarming saga continued this week as the adorable pair were reunited!
Fifty lost his front and back legs on one side when he was shot by a police officer - just for being a Pit Bull. In 2010, he was adopted by Kelly Michael, who gave him a new lease on life and allowed him to steal the hearts of thousands. To make matters cuter, she took in little Jane, now Remi, as a foster half a year ago and introduced the world to their adorable bond. Remi had been abandoned at Chicago’s Union Station and subsequently rescued by a good human before landing herself in the paws of Fifty (all two of them). fif and jane1 Remi found her wonderful forever home two months later, and on Wednesday, she and Fifty were reunited. Remi, who became enormous during their four month hiatus, can be seen bounding around Fifty and licking his face like no time has passed, proving unequivocally that true love is real, y'all.
If you simply loved seeing these videos (of course you did), you can follow Fifty on Facebook. If you want to help more pups like Remi, please consider donating to Players for Pits.
H/t and featured image Fifty the 2-legged pit bull!

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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