Fifty The Two-Legged Pit Bull’s Foster Sister Just Found Her Furever Home

Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 26, 2016

A few years ago, we brought you the inspiring story of Fifty, a Pit Bull who, despite being shot and losing two of his legs, has gone on to enjoy a happy and healthy life with his rescue mom, Kelly Michael. Fifty has since become a powerful reminder of rescue and adoption efforts. Then, in November of 2015, we shared with you a heartwarming update about Fifty: that he had become an older sibling to a new foster puppy, an adorable, abandoned look-alike Pibble named Jane.

fifty and jane first for real

Well, we have more exciting news for you. On Saturday, after three wonderful months of foster sibling love, Fifty was happy to report that Jane found her furever home and has joined her new family! This photo of a completely content Jane was posted on Fifty’s Facebook and Instagram pages to accompany the announcement.

jane sleeping

Jane has certainly come a long way in a short time. When she was discovered abandoned at Chicago’s Union Station earlier this fall, several kind-hearted humans pitched in to rescue Jane and set her up in a foster situation so she could properly prepare for an adoption.

janes squad

A few of the amazing humans who gave Jane a fighting chance. 

At just four weeks old, Jane was tiny and scared. Nevertheless, thanks to a lot of love and care, and a great older brother in Fifty, Jane grew in every way possible.

jane before and after

What a difference just a few months can make!

jane transformation

Over the past few months, and in spite of their 10-year age difference (that’s a whopping 70 in dog years), Fifty and Jane became close pals. Jane grew in leaps and bounder under Fifty’s loving (and patient – she often nibbles on his jowls and licks the insides of his ears) care. Their bond also led to deliriously delicious moments like these, which have become a daily treat for Fifty’s Facebook and Instagram followers.

fifty and jane sleeping

fifty and jane cuddling

jane and fifty 3

Before Jane joined her furever family, humans and dogs alike stopped by to wish her farewell and good luck!

goodbye jane collage

And of course, Jane enjoyed one more car ride with her big brother.

fifty and jane for 1st

While Fifty is excited to welcome another foster sibling into his home, we’re sure he’ll miss his goofy younger sibling Jane. Because who else is going to do stuff like this?

fifty and jane 1

And this.

jane chewing fifty's ears

And also this.

#chicago friends, don’t forget to come by Krisers (1658 N Milwaukee) this Saturday between 12-2 to say hi to Fifty &…

Posted by Fifty the 2-legged pit bull! on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Perhaps Fifty’s newest foster sibling – a former momma Pibble named Mabel – will keep him on his toes the way Jane did. Either way, we’re wishing Sweet Jane lots of luck and love in her new home, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next!

Want more Fifty? Of course you do. Follow his adventures on Facebook and Instagram @superfiftyboy and – if you can – consider donating to Players for Pits to help more dogs like Jane.

fifty final shot

Fifty’s life is a testament to the loving nature of Pit Bulls, as well as the powerful impact of foster programs and rescue and adoption efforts. Supporting these causes supports dogs like Fifty and Jane…and therefore drool-worthy moments like this.

fifty and jane 2

Featured image via Fifty the 2-legged pit bull!/Facebook

H/t Fifty the 2-legged pit bull!/Facebook

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 26, 2016

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