A Simple Act Of Kindness Made It Possible For This Dog To Finally Nurse Her Puppies

Asha Attie, a Shih Tzu, was abandoned, filthy, flea infested, and in labor when she was brought to a Los Angeles shelter. Asha couldn’t even nurse her puppies because her fur was so horribly matted.


With the lives of her puppies at stake, the Bill Foundation stepped in to get Asha and her family the help they needed. They took Asha in for a long, thorough, emergency grooming session. Afterward, she was finally able to nurse her pups. And now they have a chance to be a healthy, happy family!


Just wait until you see their reunion. The relief on Asha’s face when she’s finally able to nourish her pups is enough to melt your heart.

h/t Little Things

Will Storie

7 years ago