The Whole World Helped This Little Girl Find Her Stolen Dog

Written by: Regina Lizik

June 15, 2015

Nearly two weeks ago, Lexie Taylor’s dog was stolen from her home. Lexie’s parents immediately started a Facebook page to track down Caramel, a Chihuahua mix, and the thieves who took her.

Within a matter of days, the page amassed over 15,000 likes. Lexie’s mother, Tracy, told Sky News:

“At the moment it’s up to 12-million people that have had positive contact with the website.”

The family, who lives in England, says they have received messages of support from Dubai, Australia, the U.S. and India, among many other countries. Millions of people are using social media to join the search for this sweet pup.

find caramel 3

Caramel wasn’t the only pup taken from the Taylor home. The robber nabbed the family’s other dog named Billy. He abandoned Billy after being spooked by a neighbor, but managed to still make off with Caramel.

While both dogs are precious to the family, Caramel and Lexie share a special bond. Lexie suffers from juvenile arthritis. Caring for her tiny pup encourages her to be more mobile.


Caramel herself has medical issues. She was born with a tumor on her forehead and suffers from a hernia.

find caramel 2

Last week, Lexie celebrated her 8th birthday. The day was bittersweet. Most children wish for fun things for their birthday. All Lexie wished for was for Caramel to come home.

She got her wish on June 15. Caramel returned home in the afternoon to the excitement of her human, her family and millions of people around the world.

Tracy posted this message on Facebook:

“WE HAVE CARAMEL HOME!!!! Amazing but true. Thank you to everyone including Natalie Grooming Parlour Harlow and Dog Lost We love you all x thank you so much!”

High paws to everyone who worked to reunite this little girl and her BFF!

Featured image via Find Caramel.

h/t The Telegraph.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

June 15, 2015

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