7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Perfect Pup

Clairen Reese of the Pensacola News Journal shared the story of how she came to find her beloved Chihuahua, Coco Brown. She described the moment she first saw Coco's face on Craigslist, "My heart skipped a beat or two as I realized I'd found "the one."" Reading her words may make you wonder if everyone experiences this lightning bolt of realization when they meet their perfect pup. Or, if much like romance, the experience is different for everyone. Personally,  I have had that "I just know" feeling with some of my dogs, while others grew on me more and more over time. If you are searching for your soulmutt, try asking yourselves the following questions. After all, we can't all see fireworks. 12142583_785489814930103_1565754777_n What is your schedule like? How much time you spend at home should weigh heavily when you are deciding on the perfect dog for you. Some pups are able to handle spending hours home alone while you work, others become anxious and can behave destructively. Keep in mind that training a puppy requires a huge time commitment early on. If you are always on the go, a calm, adult dog is a better bet. 11355937_820647354723614_678341999_n Do you have children or other pets? Not all dogs are great with kids and their canine cousins. Certain breeds are known for their exuberance with children and ability to cohabitate with their own species. Before deciding to bring a dog home, be sure to do your research and introduce the whole household on neutral turf. 11849906_163901403946739_2005138220_n How active are you? Some dogs live to run, jump, swim, or anything that involves exercise. Others would rather curl up on the couch for a Walking Dead marathon. Unless you are ready to make a significant physical commitment, avoid choosing a high energy breed or a young pup. 11820502_432671640271944_1733751191_n How important is a spotless home? Dogs shed, drool, pee, poop and barf. Not all of the above and not all the time, but it does happen. If you want to keep your pad pristine, go for a pooch that's already been housebroken. And, of course, one who sheds minimally. 10601719_1526360970930340_609931170_n   How much money are you able to spend each month on a dog? No matter how you two find each other, your relationship with your dog is gonna cost ya. There's food, toys, bedding, chew bones, treats, and leash sets. Those are just the necessities. Don't forget your buddy will need routine veterinary care, parasite prevention and the occasional unforeseen event like illness or boarding. Those breeds who do not shed will also need frequent grooming services. 11809974_440713712782617_631454579_n Are you looking for a companion, an assistant or a security guard? They say that even a teacup sized dog can help deter burglars. Criminals would rather go for a house that is quiet than one vibrating with Yorkie squeels. Obviously certain breeds are favored by those seeking protection or a working dog, but you may be surprised which dog ends up being perfect for you! 10432055_577685209019061_555109440_n   Are looks important? Some people have an exact picture in mind of the pooch they want. Let's face it, one of the reasons we love dogs so much is that they're so darn cute! Just make sure that the personality traits housed inside that adorable coating of fur match up with your lifestyle.

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Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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