One Pug Wrote A Love-Filled Letter To His Pug BFF And It’s Adorable

Contributor, and Instagram famous, Hamilton Pug, really loves his BFF Finn. He wrote this letter to let the entire world know exactly how pawsome Finn is!

Dear Finn,

You’re my BFF. Everyone should have a best buddy like you. Let me count the ways that you have enriched my life.

 1. You’re always up for brunch.

Shall we dine n dash?

 2. You’ve taught me how to table dance.

The head-tilting is a nice touch

3. You have amazing photobombing skills.

Hahaha, oh Finn

4. No one can shake it like you do.

Does this make my butt look big?

5. I believe you are responsible for humans cocking their baseball hats to the side.

Partying is serious business

6. Not even Annabelle can resist your casanova ways.

Ladies man

7. You stole the show on Good Morning America.

Dan Harris has you on speed dial

8. You go rogue on the subway (much to your human’s dismay)

Does that passenger have bacon?

9. You’re there when I need a chin rest.

Such soft paws

10. No one would ever accuse you of being high maintenance when it comes to tennis balls.

Not picky


11. You have amazing ball-playing skills.

Never take your eye off the ball

12. Even though you prefer the bachelor life, you’re not above lending a paw to a bloke in need of proposal help.

Making dreams come true, one smooshed face at a time

13. You let Dr. Rob examine you like it was no big deal.

“Come closer!”

 14. You could teach workshops on how to be so glamorous.

Call 1-800-FINN-PUG for lessons

15. You know that the fridge is the best place to hangout during a party.

Where’s the beef?

16. You’re always up for an impromptu dog run trip.

You can run, but you can’t hide

17. You have excellent taste in laps.

“Don’t get too comfortable”

18. You have impeccable house guest manners.

Thanks for the bed!

19. No one can wear a shark costume quite like you.

Shark Finn

20. There’s no other pug I rather share my couch with. Not even that minx, Annabelle.


In short, you’re the best, Finn!

All photos via Hamilton Pug.

Dr. Katy Nelson

8 years ago