Firefighters Save Pit Bull From Fire That Claimed Owner’s Life

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 17, 2016

Firefighters responding to a fire in Detroit found a man and his Pit Bull when they arrived to the burning house. According to ClickOnDetroit, the man later died from his injuries, but his pup survived.

Source: WDIV ClickOnDetroit

firefighter with pittie

The firefighters on duty carried the scared dog into an ambulance where she was given oxygen.

Source: WDIV ClickOnDetroit

There was hope she would pull through despite having suffered burns and the effects of smoke inhalation.

pit bull puppy oxygen

The Pittie was handed over to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue after getting a bath, where the firefighters who saved her shared her story and pointed out the injuries that would require care. They told Detroit Pit Crew that she seemed to be very good with kids and appeared to be housetrained.

When asked if they had named her, one firefighter said they had: Halle, short for a fireman’s tool called a Halligan.

This sweet girl was rescued out of a house fire in Detroit this morning. After being rescued she was given oxygen to help her recover. Sadly her owner didn't make it and is now deceased. We are headed to the vet's office to have this sweet dog checked out and to have her burns looked at although they appear to be minor.

Posted by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updates to the Detroit Pit Crew Facebook page showed sweet Halle enjoying snuggles and paw shakes from veterinary staff at Groesbeck Animal Hospital, where she received the medical care she needed, like x-rays to check her lungs for damage, thanks to generous donations from humans who heard about her and wanted to help.

Halle here checking in with everyone! I am feeling a little better and in good spirits. If you would like to donate towards my care please call Groesbeck Animal Hospital at 586 463 7387. Thank you all for the prayers and donations!

Posted by Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Theresa Sumpter, director of Detroit Pit Crew, told Fox News in an interview that she would reach out to the victim’s family to see if anyone would be able to care for Halle. If not, Halle would be placed for adoption into a forever home.


To help Detroit Pit Crew rescue more dogs like Halle, visit their website! For more updates about dogs like Halle, follow Detroit Pit Crew on Facebook.

Featured image via ClickOnDetroit and Detroit Pit Crew
H/t to ClickOnDetroit and Fox2 Detroit

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 17, 2016