If You Thought Your First Kiss Was Awkward, You Haven’t Met Your Weekly Dinguses

We're double derping again this week guys. You're welcome. This week we have a pitsky duo, Bama and Dico, and together they are the pawfect pair. Trust me, you're in for a treat. Like this. bamadicotreatface Bama is all derp all day. It's her default mode. bamadico2 Dico is more of a part-time derp. bamadicoparttime But their awkward energy bounces off of each other like two dingus-y electrons orbiting around one derp molecule. That metaphor may or may not be scientifically accurate. Let's go with it.
When Bama is at her least derpy, she looks like Scooby Doo. And that's still pretty derpy. bamadicoscooby Bama is at her most dingus when she sees a stick, which is apparently really entertaining. bamadicosticks Just kidding. Bama is at her most dingus when she sees snow. bamadicosnowderp Obviously like any dingus, she has trouble positioning her body in a natural way. But the frog thing works Bama. You do you. bamadicofrog There is one thing this dingus duo does exceptionally well. They have mastered the art of the awkward kiss. And I mean, MASTERED IT. If you don't believe me, you're about to. 1. "Ok sorry I wasn't sure where you were going to meet me. Let's try this again. bamadicoawkwardkiss2 2. Let me just get my glasses on. Maybe that will be better. bamadicoawkwardkiss1 3. "Ok I'm coming in for it are you ready? Hello? OK, I'm gonna open my eyes now..." bamadicoawkwardkiss6 4. "OK my tongue is halfway out is it really happening this time because last time I thought it was going to and then it didn't..." bamadicoawkwardkiss5 5. "IDEA: YOU stick YOUR tongue out and I'LL come meet you." "Ugh OK this didn't work either." bamadicoawkwardkiss8 6. "OK we're going to go in at the same time on the count of 3. Ready? 1...2...3...derp." bamadicoawkwardkiss16 7. "Should I change directions?" "NOOOO I DON'T LIKE THIS SIDE GO BACK GO BACK." bamadicoawkwardkiss4 8. "That's my eye. You're going for my mouth." bamadicoawkwardkiss9 9. "Should we try lying down? No, I think this complicated things." bamadicoawkwardkiss11 10. "WAIT. Maybe it's not us. Maybe it's the environment. That's it. We're COUCH KISSERS." ", we're not." bamadicoawkwardkiss12 11. "Hold on let me try something. JK I just farted on you haha." bamadicoawkwardkiss13 12. "I am not amused." bamadicoawkwardkiss14 13. "I know! LET'S TRY THIS WITH WINGS." bamadicoawkwardkiss3 14. "OK why don't we take a break and just practice on our own." bamadicoawkwardkiss19 15. "HOW DO THEY MAKE THIS LOOK SO EASY IN THE MOVIES BEING SMOOTH IS DIFFICULT" bamadicosocializing 16. "DADDDDD HELP. HOW DOES THIS WORK?" bamadicodad "THANKS DAD! YOU'RE THE BEST! Derp." bamadico1 Does your dingus have special awkward powers? Submit here to be featured!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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