Fisherman’s Tearful Reunion With Dog Lost In Boat Crash Will Make Everything Good Again

It's been a good week for dog reunions. And they never get old. Ever. This time, a Canadian fisherman and his dog, Jack, were reunited after their boat capsized off the shores of Victoria. The captain celebrates with his first (and best) mate, Jack!

Although the fisherman was rescued by a passing boat, he was terrified that Jack was lost for good. But miraculously, when water police recovered the boat, they also found the dog inside the vessel, alive and well!
MAN'S BEST FRIEND MAN'S BEST FRIENDTwo best mates have been reunited after their boat capsized off Victoria. The fisherman thought he'd lost his dog Jack, but when water police towed the boat back to shore; the dog was found alive and well on the stricken vessel. #9News Posted by 9 News Perth on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Featured image via 9 News Perth Facebook
H/t 9 News Perth

Katie Kirnan

6 years ago

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