Dog Trapped In Prison Of Matted Fur Freed By Dedicated Rescuers

Talk about a bad hair day. This poor pup, dubbed Harry, was found (eventually) beneath a 6-inch-thick layer of hard, matted fur. He is emaciated, has bug bite-covered ears, and is mostly blind due to scarring from his eyelashes growing into his corneas. Oddly enough, Harry is also missing most of his nose. nose The folks at the KC Pet Project who took Harry in say the anomaly is "consistent with a sharp cut from an unknown object," and they are working with their veterinary team to determine if he needs skin grafts to cover the holes in his nasal cavity. harry dog While Harry has clearly experienced some extensive damage, the KC Pet Project staff say he is the sweetest, most gentle dog, and he is enjoying the extra attention from everyone caring for him. After a 2-hour procedure to remove his matted coat, Harry woke up a little confused about the strange draft he was feeling, but was content nonetheless. No doubt, this adoring dog is loved deeply by the kind workers and volunteers in his life, and someday soon an equally kindhearted individual will snatch him up before you can say "bad hair day." harry To help Harry during his recovery, donate to the KC Pet Project's Roadrunner Fund.
H/t & Featured Image via The Dodo

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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