Five Questions With Miss Piggy

Meet Miss Piggy. She's a couple months shy of her second birthday, but she already has an Instagram account with amazing photos and her very own Etsy shop. Missy Piggy's human, Carla, was gracious enough to take time out of her and her Frenchie's busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. Before we get started, here's one fun fact about Miss Piggy: She got her name because her parents thoughts she looked like a "little piglet." She's still not sure if that's a compliment, or not. 1. What is the most mischievous thing Miss Piggy has done? Miss Piggy chewed up our couch and one of my favorite bags.   2. Miss Piggy runs her own Etsy shop. What kind of boss is she? She is the perfect boss! We sell super cute French bulldog merchandise at our Etsy shop. 3. Does Piggy have any silly habits or funny quirks? Miss Piggy is a "velcro" dog. She follows us around the house wherever we go and always has to be touching us. 4. What are her sleeping habits…Does she snore? Have a favorite place to sleep? Is she allowed to sleep with you?She has two very cute and comfortable doggie beds but her favorite place to take a nap is the couch or our bed. She doesn’t snore (unlike most French bulldogs) and sometimes we let her sleep with us. 5. Does Piggy prefer humans or dogs? Piggy loves both, but she gets extremely excited around other dogs.   You can follow along with Missy Piggy on Instagram!

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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