Unsuspecting Pup Is Completely Stunned When She Finds Her Dad Under A Blanket

"I think she might have missed me" is the understatement of the year for this man and his dog Fizz. Nando Brown had just returned from a trip to Holland and decided to "prank" his pup. Let's just say that Fizz is no guard dog, but she's certainly got her priorities straight protecting her toys from strangers. [bp_related_article] fizz surprise The pup is all tail and butt wiggles as she investigates the strange lump in her yard, but when she catches her dad's scent? Well, there's no going back after that. Observe carefully as her tail slowly increases in speed. crazy tail You'll want to see the whole video for this one, people.
H/t YouTube/Nando Brown

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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