Floofy Maltese Puppy Shows Off Flappy Trick While Getting Groomed

My mom won't let anyone but me pluck her eyebrows, and I'm glad she trusts me, but every three seconds she grabs my hand and reminds me that she doesn't want them too thin. It's annoying, and it makes a 5 minute task a half hour ordeal, but she's adorable and I love her so I deal. I've finally found the dog version of my mother. Now I don't know what this Maltese puppy is thinking, but I imagine it's something along the lines of, "NOT TOO MUCH OFF THE TOP. JUST THE TIP." He flaps his ears back and forth as the comb caresses his fluff, and now I'm thinking this groomer is a miracle worker for getting both ears to look the same with such a twitchy pup on their hands.

Nicole Zalat

6 years ago

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