22 Dogs Who Fully Embrace Their Naturally Floppy Ears And Waggin’ Tails

There are few things I love more than a happy pup with big, floppy ears bouncing up and down and an excited tail whipping back and forth. The happiness is instantly contagious! It's no wonder there are some avid fans of unaltered dogs. #flopdontcrop is a message that lovers of floppy ears try to spread. Check out 22 dogs that have been kept au naturel and are fully embracing it! 1. Front flop or side flop? Take your pick! 1-pitbull_family_life 2. "You promise my ears will help me swim?" 2-autobluedane 3. Floppy ears are optimal for hearing the slightest crinkle of a wrapper from another room! 3-thewhitestpupsyouknow 4. "You're gonna have to talk into my non-flipped ear today..." 9-bali.the.greatdane 5. Look at that beautiful tail! 5-tysontherottweiler1 6. "Who's a good boy? Obviously me! Where da treat at?" 6-hectorschnauzer 7. "On Wednesdays we wear matching sweaters." 7-hendrix_bentley 8. "Can you tell me again how adorable I am? I don't want to forget." 8-likamaiaphotography 9. Ears brushed and all ready for the first day of puppy school! gusthedoberman 10. Ears flapping in the wind is one of the best parts of a car ride! 10-maui_the_pitty 11. "It's not easy being so handsome. The humans say it's walkies time, but it always ends up being picture time." 11-rottweilereldron 12. "Mawm says I'm the prettiest." 14-hellokingston 13. "Everyone at school called me big paws, but they just match my ears. :(" 12n-pawprintsbymaya 14. Floppy and uneven ears? Does it get any cuter? 15-remixthedog 15. "Up up and away!" 16-scooby_shiro 16. "Please, just a tiny bite...just a taste?" 13-brittanyannliv 17. "Where we going today? I'll drive!" 19-dp_dream_w 18. "It's a beautiful day for a ears need some wind!" 17-princesszara_thedobie 19. "Da hoomans are gone all day...that means I get the bed all day!" 20-madimarie 20. #FlippedEars...yep, it's a thing. 21-hank.the.great.dane 21. "We're ready for bath day!" 18-rottweilerdad 22. "The ears help with balancing acts!" 22-grunt_the_pit

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago