Watch This Flufftastic Puppy Explore Life. You Deserve It

There's nothing quite like a new puppy. Although you love them just as much when they're grown, you'll always remember those firsts: First tail chase, first time they successfully go down stairs, first time they go to the bathroom outside, first time you hear them bark a squeaky bark... Oh those firsts. Remembering them, it's like you get amnesia about all the times they woke you up....ruined your furniture...ruined your clothes... BUT THEY'RE JUST SO DARN SQUINKY! As you watch Boomer here, remember those firsts fondly. Then go look at your couch and weigh puppy cuteness against how much you like your brand new upholstery. :)
h/t to Dog Heirs

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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