Former Guide Dog Serves As World’s First Canine Concierge In Boston Hotel

In paw-nor of International Guide Dog day, we've partnered with the TODAY show and Guiding Eyes for the Blind to reshare and celebrate some of our favorite pieces about guide dogs! Guests of the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel might want to stock up on biscuits instead of bills to tip the world's first canine concierge!
Catie Copley, a black lab, was originally trained as a guide dog for the blind in New York City. After her own eyesight started failing, Catie transferred to the Boston hotel where she has been thrilling guests for ten years!
Suzanne Wenz of the hotel said, "Catie's main job is to make people happy and greet guests in the lobby. She's an important part of the hotel's team and gets on with her colleagues."catieconciergedogcoworkers
Catie even has her own email address and business cards just like her hooman colleagues!
The staff's superstar is so pupular that guests call three months in advance to book a walk with her. Even though she is the most well-known dog in Boston, this lovely lady doesn't let fame go to her head. She merely asks for treats, bully rubs, and ruv as payment for her services.
Source: The Daily Mail
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Laura Hartle

8 years ago

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