Powerful Video Shows What The First 8 Hours Of Freedom Are Like For Former Mill Dogs

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 20, 2015

When three Shiba Inus were no longer able to produce puppies, they were discarded by the puppy mill that had been their home for over eight years.

Thankfully, Nathalie Erwin Sachi and the compassionate rescuers of DC Shiba Inu Rescue took them in.

The dogs had never received basic care. Their nails were so long that they could not walk properly.

mill shibas 2

The dirt, urine and feces was so compacted in their fur that it took four hours to wash it all off. The fur on the cream Shibas, named Kishi and Yoko, is permanently stained yellow from years of soaking in urine.

mill shibas 3

Although they were still frightened, they couldn’t hide the happiness they felt after reciving a loving bath from caring hoomans.

The boiled chicken they got helped, too.

mill shibas 4

The three girls stuck together as they experienced the joy of exploring the outdoors and began to learn how to live the life of a normal dog.

The three Shibas made an amazing transformation in such a short amount of time. Watch their stunning progress below.

We are halfway to our fundraising goal! Thank you everyone who is donating to help these 3 mill rescues! We will have updated posters this week thanking all our supporters!!Yoko, Kishi and Asami lived their entire life in a puppy mill producing babies for profit until they were no longer profitable to their captors. We quickly put together snippets of their rescue from yesterday. We hope you can fall in love with these three girls and help them get the funding for their medical care and help us find them their forever homes when the time is right. The girls will be picked up from the vet this afternoon. After a couple days recovery at Shiba HQ they will go to their foster homes to receive special love and attention! Please donate, share, comment or just send positive thoughts to these beautiful girls who will now know a wonderful life with humans! Donate to 3 mill girls fund:

Posted by DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DC SIR) on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

You can follow the pups’ progress on DC Shiba Inu Rescue’s Facebook page and donate to their care via the organization’s website.

Feature image via DC Shiba Inu Rescue.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

August 20, 2015

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