These Humans Created A Dog Hospice To Give Dying Dogs A Dignified End

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 11, 2015

**The Pit Bull in the above image needs a foster home from Foster Dogs NYC! If you can provide a warm bed and some cuddles to this family-friendly Pittie, please check out his profile!**

A program called Fospice is helping give elderly and terminally ill shelter dogs the right to comfort and care in the last stages of their lives. Foster Dogs NYC founder Sarah Brasky was inspired by a similar program run by the ASPCA.


Brasky explains:

Too many old and sick dogs die in shelters. Sometimes shelters receive animals that are not medically healthy enough for adoption, but they still have the right to live out their golden years in loving homes and with proper medical treatment. While I would not want any animal to be stuck in a shelter, it can be particularly difficult for seniors who miss their lifelong families, and need quiet and comfort during their final years/months.


Foster Dogs NYC seeks to find foster homes for these deserving dogs. The organization provides Fospice parents with vet visits, supplies, and a range of gifts (including a BarkBox subscription!)


Chelsea Massimin is a Fospice mom to a 13-year-old black Chihuahua named Lucy. The senior, who is battling cancer and kidney problems, had survived animal hoarding situations and shelters. Massimin was saddened by Lucy’s destiny to die in the pound. She plans to “cater to every whim” of the pup until her final moments, cooking her food and giving her plenty of love and cuddles.


Fospice is currently only able to sponsor five pups a year, but thanks to a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, will soon be able to provide more donations to help improve the quality of life of these special dogs, no matter how much time they have left.

h/t Good News Network + featured image via Toby/Foster Dogs NYC

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

May 11, 2015