Fox And Her Dog Love BarkBox Almost As Much As They Love Each Other

Written by: Regina Lizik

May 16, 2016

We’ve written about Juniper the Fox before and we love her antics. When our friends at BoredPanda decided to profile the goofy girl and her canine sibling, Moose, we couldn’t resist sharing their friendship, too. What’s better than one adorable canine? TWO adorable canines, that’s what.

juniper and moose 2

And for us here at BarkPost, we’re in love with how in ruv they are with their BarkBox.

They also really love each other.

“Here, let me just stick my nose in your eye because that’s true love.”

juniper moose 3

Juniper loves Moose so much that sometimes she falls over with glee

“Excuse me, this is a private moment. No photos please.”

juniper moose 4

Juniper shares everything with Moose, even her BarkBox – now that’s real love.

“You better appreciate how much this means to me, Moose.”

juniper moose barkbox

Sometimes, Moose has enough of Juniper’s excessive PDA and has to law down the paw.

“But, Moooooooseeee! I just want to ruv you! LET ME LOVE YOU.”

juniper moose 5

We can’t blame him, she’s extremely cute, but she can be rather needy.

Maybe it’s all of those BarkBox treats that give her so much energy.

Don’t let this fool you. Moose loves doing everything with Juniper. Like eating lunch together.

“Dis peanut butter iz so good, but seriously tho, can we get some milk or something? This is getting embarrassing.

There’s nothing better than an after lunch snuggle session where they plot world domination.

Seriously, Moose is smiling because he came up with a plan to take over the world.

juniper moose 8

Look at those faces. These are faces of trouble about to be had.

“What are we going to do tonight, Juniper?”
“The same thing we do every night, Moose. Try to take over the world!”

juniper moose 9

Maybe a world dominated by this much cute wouldn’t be a bad thing?

We gladly submit to our furry overloads.

juniper moose 10


***Juniper’s mom wants everyone to know that domesticated foxes are an immense amount of work and require extensive care. They are not for everyone and no one should ever get a pet fox without first doing an incredible amount of research.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

May 16, 2016

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