Fox Doesn’t Give A Pup She’s Not A Dog And Lives The Domestic Life Like A Boss

Rylai is a 5 month old domesticated red fox. We know what you’re thinking, she’s not red! Rylai has what’s called a white marble coat. In fact, red foxes come in a variety of colors. (Crazy, right?)

1 rylai

She is one spunky new companion in a family that already includes two dogs. Rylai was breed by a licensed pet fox breeder in the United States. Because she was bred to live a domestic life, she has no idea that she’s any different from her pup sisters.

3 rylai

She’s playful, excitable, sweet, but also a little mischievous.

fox nose boop

But, she sure is puppin’ adorable! While she isn’t a dog, she has some dog-like qualities that she shares with her siblings. Curiosity seems to be one of the biggest. 😄

2 rylai

Watch Rylai play with one of her dog sisters below:

For more information about Rylai and what it’s like to own a pet fox, visit her Facebook page.

H/t via Laughing Squid

Featured image via Rylai the Fox

Stephanie Valente

7 years ago