French Bulldog Releases The Fiery Wrath Of Hades On His Brand New Bed

It might be more appropriate to liken Pixel the French Bulldog to, say, one such three-headed guard dog of the underworld. Because dogs, right? But Cerberus would probably enjoy a nice new bed that doesn’t reek of decaying mortals. Hades, on the other paw, declines any such trivial material objects.


The last time Pixel’s humans gave him a bed, it was cruelly stolen. Today, he has lost all trust in the deceitful comfort of soft cushions and pillows. In fact, someone tried to give him one the other day. He didn’t take it well.


Anywho, his parents obviously didn’t get the memo, because they did the one thing that throws Pixel into burning fits of fury. Once he saw the bed, there was no getting through this frenzy of divine proportions.

H/t Pixel

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago