10 Reasons Why This Frenchie Is Freaking The Pup Out

Reviewed by Tiffany White

October 21, 2015

Whoa, this French Bulldog is extremely ecstatic. However, a dog’s freak out session could be about anything — and I mean anything. What has this dog so puppin’ excited? We have a few theories:

1. He and his bae finally became Facebook official.


2. He just scored tickets to the new Star Wars movie.

3. His history teacher accidentally left the map rolled down during a geography quiz.

4. That annoying friend he didn’t feel like hanging out with just canceled their plans.


5. He just saved 15% on his car insurance.

6. He finally finished reading all 900 pages of Infinite Jest.

7. He went to a concert and the lead singer looked right at him.


8. Someone just said, “There’s no way I can eat this whole hoagie,” and then gave him the look.

9. Their favorite celebrity just followed them back on Instagram.

10. His human said, “Time for a walk,” which is the real reason. But hey, we had fun thinking of this list anyway.

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Additional input by Katie Haller, Will Storie, and Stephanie Valente

Reviewed by Tiffany White

October 21, 2015