Fridays Look A Little Different When You’re A Dog Parent

T.G.I.F.!!! The weekend is officially here. At one point in your life, Friday probably meant getting ready to hit the bars with your friends; but now that you're a proud dog parent, it probably looks a little more like this: friday 6:30AM: Hit snooze. 6:45AM: Get aggressively licked in the face until you get up. 6:50AM: Wipe slobber off your face. (repeat x 3) 7:00AM: Excitedly remember it's basically the weekend and begin planning all the awesome things you're going to do. 7:45AM: Give your pup an extra treat before you leave for work because... Friday. 12:00PM: Start a group chat with your friends chock-full of emojis and GIFs.
2:30PM: Make almost overly enthusiastic plans to meet up for dinner and drinks. 3:00PM: Take a quick Instagram break and look at the last pic you posted of your dog. That's the face of an angel right there. 4:00PM: Realize how little work you've gotten done because you can't stop thinking about what your dog is doing back home. 4:45PM: Duck out of work early to check on your dog. 5:00PM: Cancel plans with your friends on the drive home. It was a really stressful day, they'll understand. wine 5:30PM: Pick up a couple bottles of wine. 5:45PM: Arrive home to a veritable barrage of kisses and excited squeals. You made the right decision. 6:30PM: Order Chinese food. The usual, please. 7:00PM: Kick back on the couch and binge watch the entire season of Stranger Things with your dog while feasting on Kung Pao Chicken and wontons.. tv 8:00PM: Watch your friend's Snapchat videos. Meh. Hanging with your dog was definitely the right decision. 8:15: Try every Snapchat filter with your dog, get frustrated that Snapchat doesn't work so well with dogs. Post cute pics instead. 8:30PM: Start feeling the buzz from all that vino. Wait, wasn't there another bottle somewhere? Start feeling sleepy. 9:00PM: Go horizontal so you can cuddle with your dog. 9:05: Receive group text from friends saying how much they wish you could've come out tonight. #SorryNotSorry 9:15PM: Post criminally adorable Snapchat pic of you snuggling your dog. 9:30PM:Fall asleep. Prepare to do the whole thing again on Saturday. sleep
Featured Image via gentleman.gsd / Instagram

Dr. Katy Nelson

5 years ago

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