14 Pups Squeezing Every Drop Of Sunshine Out Of Summer

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 3, 2015

Oh, you thought that you were enjoying the summer? Get ready to be showed up by these fun-loving pooches, who have completely mastered the art of sunshine shenanigans.

1) They did it better in the 80’s

80s dog chair

2) He’s just plain scared of how much fun he’s having

Dog scared swimming

3) Haircut before the beach? Hell nah!

giphy (2)

4) This is NOT fun-sized!


5) Now THIS is better!

dog ice cream store

6) Time to burn off some of those calories!

giphy (4)

7) And now… a nap


8) What’s that? There’s a FRISBEE in the WATER?

dog jump pool frisbee

9) OK, maybe I’m a LITTLE afraid to fetch it.

dog afraid of water

10) Maybe I’ll just chill out by the pool for a bit.

dogs in beach chairs

11) Woof, it’s hot!

dog wiping sweat

12) Time for a trip to the sea!

dog mermaid

13) And the playground, too!

dog going down slide

14) Just stay away from whatever THIS thing is

demon sprinkler

Try and have as much fun during your summer as these dogs!

Featured image via @sparklesthediva

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 3, 2015