18 Funky Items For Frenchie Loving Mamas

Written by: Claire Wolfson

April 15, 2015

Attention fashionista Frenchie mamas! This list is guaranteed to fulfill all your squishy faced obsessions & then some. If your wardrobe has been lacking stylish pup themed items here’s your chance to upgrade. There’s even an option for your Frenchie pup to step up their style game with Frenchie Wear, a doggie fashion line designed for Frenchies only.

Shop brands such as Yeah Bunny & Napkin Items who draw a lot of their inspiration from their personal love for squishy faced love nuggets.

1. French Bulldog Yoga Tank Top, $22

You’ll never miss another yoga class with these downward dogs!

Frenchie Tank

2. Frenchie Nail Transfers, $5.25

The perfect addition to any Frenchie mama’s outfit of the day. #OOTD

Frenchie Nail Transfers

3. Personalized Frenchie Silhouette Necklace, $40

Keep your Frenchie close to your heart with a personalized silhouette of your fuzzbutt.

Frenchie Necklace

4. Frenchie Face Tote Bag, $22

You totes can’t say no to that face.

5. Parlez-vous Francais Frenchie Tee, $22

Speak to your Frenchie in their native language with this adorable & ultra-soft tee.

Frenchie Tee

6. Day Of The Dead French Bulldog Necklace, $19.95

Add a little spice to your look with this hand drawn Dia de los Muertos Frenchie necklace. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

Day Of The Dead French Bulldog Necklace

7. Porcelain Mini Frenchie Earrings, $45

A subtle gesture of your immense love for your Bully without barking “I’m a crazy Frenchie Mom!”

Frenchie Earrings

8. French Bully PJ Set, $12.90

You’ll never want/need to get dressed again. Rolling right out of bed & heading to the dog park would be totally acceptable in this get up!

French Bully PJ Set

9. Frenchie Sweaters made for Frenchies, $70-$85

Your fur queens need to shine too! Every design by Frenchie Wear is specifically tailored to fit a Frenchie’s unique body structure. Because “Every Frenchie deserves to dress like a boss.”

Frenchie dog sweaters

10. Handmade French Bulldog Necklace, $60

Pick a gold, silver, or black Frenchie. All chic add ons to any French Bully lover’s jewelry collection.

French Bulldog Necklace

11. French Bulldog Canvas Tote, $32

The cutest carry all ever. This puppy face will leave you smiling every where you go.

Frenchie Tote

12. Frenchie Raglan Crew Sweatshirt, $26

They’ll be no pardons needed here. Three squish butts can get away with anything in my book!

Pardon My French Crew Sweatshirt

13. French Bulldog Ring In Cream, $54

The most elegant cream coated French Bulldog you ever did see. This hand crafted statement ring gives you the perfect touch of Bully loving pizzazz.

French Bulldog Ring

14. Frenchie Pup Socks, $11

Snuggle up with your squishy faced bugaboo in these adorable socks. Your outfit for Sunday Netflix binge sessions just got way cuter!

Frenchie Pup Socks

15. French Bully Crop Top, $40

Bow wow! Turn some Frenchie lover’s heads with this little number. Perfect for your next backyard barbeque!

French Bulldog Crop Top

16. Watercolor Frenchie iPhone Case, $35

Spring colors & Frenchie sillouettes, yes please! The ingredients for a perfect new iPhone case.

Frenchie Iphone Case

17. Squishy Face Earrings, $45

Bully face earrings in white bronze. Display your devotion to your pup everyday with these studs.

Frenchie Earrings

18. Sequin Embellished Frenchie Crew Sweatshirt, $22

Sequins & squishy faces?! This lightweight sweatshirt is too perfect. Easily dressed up or down & on sale now! This is a must-have addition to your spring wardrobe.

French Bulldog Sweatshirt

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Written by: Claire Wolfson

April 15, 2015

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