21 Funny Dog Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up How We Feel About Spring

Winter might have overstayed its welcome (as it always does), but spring is finally here and we can't wait to walk around in shorts in 50 degree weather again! Below, 21 dogs who feel the same. 1. Ahhh, there's nothing like the smell of fresh flowers on a warm spring day. spring-dog-meme-15 2. Unless you have allergies, of course. spring-dog-meme-5 3. But hey, after suffering through creepy skeleton trees all winter, it's nice to see leaves again.spring-dog-memes-8 4. Time to water the flowers, if ya know what I mean. spring-dog-meme-4 5. And hey, let's just roll through some freshly mowed grass while we're at it, too. spring-dog-memes-11 6. Another awesome thing about spring? Our dog plants start to bloom. spring-dog-meme-3 7. We don't recommend pooping under cherry blossoms, but isn't this picture simply inspiring? spring-dog-memes-7 8. But the downside to spring? Trying to fit into our spring clothes again. We should have known spending Christmas day drinking maple syrup straight out of the bottle was a bad idea. spring-dog-memes-1 [bp_related_article] 9. And don't even get us started on shaving. spring-dog-memes-2 10. And "spring cleaning"? We still haven't thrown out all those broken hoverboards we bought on Black Friday yet. spring-dog-memes-19 11. But we dog people have an even greater struggle to deal with every spring. spring-dog-memes-9 12. And our dogs don't have it any easier. spring-dog-memes-12 13. For those of us in college, spring break is a time to make the mistakes social media won't let us forget. spring-dog-meme-6 14. And for the rest of us, it's just a time to Netflix and chill...the literal way. spring-dog-meme-6 15. Another irritating thing about spring? All the annoying people we forgot about over the winter start reemerging. Sometimes with guitars. spring-dog-memes-22 16. People also seem to forget that 50 degrees is STILL COLD. PUT YOUR SHORTS AWAY. GOSH. spring-dog-memes-16 17. Not to mention all the happy couples everywhere. spring-dog-memes-14 18. Which is fine...unless you're #foreveralone. spring-dog-memes-17 19. Not to mention the pressure to "enjoy yourself" and "be outside" all the time. spring-dog-memes-13 20. But ultimately, spring is awesome and kicks winter's butt any day. Time to frolic! dog-loves-spring 21. Unless you're in Canada. doghatessnow

Tiffany White

6 years ago

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