George Washington Loved Dogs So Much, He Wrote To A British General About A Dog Mid-Battle

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 16, 2015

A lover of everything dog, the first United States President, who had no hooman children of his own, had around 50 children of the four-legged variety. He is even credited with creating the American Foxhound.


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One memorable story that stands out to dog lovers alike, is when George Washington showed his loyalty by returning a terrier to it’s rightful owner–even when the owner was the enemy. After the Battle of Germantown, Washington found a small terrier running around the battlefield between British and American lines. It turns out that General Howe’s dog had gotten loose, as it was identified by it’s collar. Washington’s soldiers suggested that the dog be kept as a trophy of the British to weaken the morale of the British General Howe.


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Instead, Washington took the pup back to his tent where he fed him, brushed him and cleaned him. He then wrote a letter and attached it to the dog’s collar. To everyones surprise, he ordered a cease fire and had his aide return the terrier under a flag of truce.


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This presidential story just goes to show that pooches can make even the most respected army generals surrender!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 16, 2015