12 Things Only German Shepherd Pup Parents Understand

The German Shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the United States, and not without a good reason! These highly intelligent and gorgeous dogs make for some of the best police, military, and guard dogs, but they're also fantastic and loving pets. For those of you with your own GSD at home, you should be able to relate to these things quite easily. 1. Your dog is the most loyal dog in the world. anya_gsd 2. They just seem to really really get you.  gsd_troubletrio 3. Sometimes you wonder if your dog is smarter than you. _luna365 4. Everything you own is covered in nose prints. Windows, doors, cars, you name it.  ghost_leia_gsd 5. Your furniture was picked to match the color of your dog's fur. jamielawmk 6. "Personal space" means nothing to your pup, and that's totally okay.  kobe.gsd 7. You're always looking for ways to keep your dog occupied and happy. gsd_ares 8. Daily walk? Try three walks a day, and maybe a stop at the dog park and nearby hiking trail. juna_hamlet 9. They may look fierce, but they're some of the most cuddly lovable dogs out there. dudleyphotography 10. You're pretty sure when your dog was a puppy it was the cutest thing to ever walk this earth. runnin_with_faith41 11. Despite your dog's serious look, it is actually a total goofball. its.all.about.mia.the.gsd 12. You know your dog has always got your back.  tyna_rumlova

Featured image via @princess.gracie

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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