11 Feel-Good Ways Your Dog Helps You Live Your Best Life

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

July 14, 2015

Everyone has those days that they just feel like they can’t do anything right. (Okay, some of us have that more than occasionally.) How to keep going? Your dog can help you! That’s what best friends are for.

1. You’ve got to get up in the morning.

A wet tongue in your nose will do the trick!


2. …And get out of the house.

At least several times a day, your dog will make sure you get outside.


3. Eating might be a good idea.

When you’re scooping out the kibble, make yourself some breakfast. If you’re feeling hangry, your day won’t go right!


4. Hydrate!

While your buddy’s lapping up the H20, grab a glass for yourself to reduce headaches, improve digestion and skin…and a million other things.


5. Get movin’

See #2. You’ll get some exercise on a walk! Play with your pup and it’ll boost everyone’s endorphins.



6. Know that your dog has your back.

Come what may, (mail carrier, evil shadows, toddlers, flying saucer attack) your dog will protect and defend you at all costs.


7. You’re never alone!

(Even in the bathroom)

dog watches you

8. Your dog will make you smile.

Just look at the mutherpupper! How could you not feel better?


9. This too shall pass.

Dogs don’t dwell on the past or future. Whatever you’re going through, good or bad, won’t be forever.

dog holding hands with owner

10. #Goals

Your dog won’t stop til she gets every single morsel out of her puzzle toy. Never give up!


11. Take a nap!

Tired? Maybe it’s not feasible to take a nap right this minute, but look at your dog and know that you’ll be able to snuggle up with that pillowy fluffbutt soon!


Featured image via jwysor33

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

July 14, 2015