Girl Brought Her Dog On A Tinder Date Because That’s The Real Test Of True Love

Written by: Regina Lizik

April 29, 2016

First dates are incredibly awkward, unless you are one of those weird people who enjoys first dates… or dating at all.

Everyone knows that dogs make all awkward situations less awkward, because, well, dogs. When Michaela Flowers was chatting with a potential Tinder date named Darcy, she knew the only sensible thing was to bring her dog to their first meeting.

alfie and michaela

This is a great tactic. 1. As we’ve already established, dogs make things less awkward. 2. If Darcy had said he didn’t want her to bring the dog, she knew not to bother with him because who wants to date someone that doesn’t like dogs?

Darcy does, in fact, like dogs. Michaela was so thrilled that she’d finally met the person who was obviously going to be the love of her life, that she posted about her date to the Cool Dog Group on Facebook.

tinder date 2

This wasn’t a regular date, this was a double date. Let’s be real, the most important part of this date is not what happened with Michaela and Darcy, it’s what happened with the dogs.

Who cares about humans, right?

Over ten thousand people were obsessed with Michaela’s dog Alfie and his date with Darcy’s dog Rufus.


Okay, I guess some people cared about how Michaela’s date went…

cdg tinder date

Before the night was over, the post was deleted from the Facebook group, but not before Michaela posted some romantic pictures of the pair taking a barefoot stroll through the grass and spending some quality time together.

rufus and alfie

LOL did you think I meant Michaela and Darcy?

Michaela told Buzzfeed that she and Darcy have not yet scheduled a second date, but she’s hopeful she’ll be able to reunite Alfie and Rufus.

I haven’t spoken to Darcy yet, but here’s hoping he isn’t too freaked out by my post getting so much attention because it was honestly the last thing I expected.

We hope there is a second date, because we need to know whether or not Alfie and Rufus have a chance at true happiness.

Feature image and h/t Buzzfeed.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

April 29, 2016

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