Girl Who Gave Up Hope Of Ever Hugging Her Dog Finally Does So 4 Years Later

Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

May 4, 2015

What would you do if you found your dog after giving up hope of ever seeing your BFF again?

14-year-old Karisa Lambert lost her beloved Yorkshire Terrier when she was just 10. He ran out of a hole through their backyard fence into the woods and wasn’t seen again.

Originally from Louisiana, Sam the Yorkie, was found by an animal control officer all the way up in Iowa. He was presumed a stray.

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“The Yorkie was in fair condition, but was straggly and weighed only 5 1/2 pounds. Despite the dog’s condition, Animal Care and Control staff was able to determine that the Yorkie had a microchip,” said the City of Cedar Rapids press release.

With the help of the microchip, the workers were able to contact Sam’s owners. And boy were they happy. They tried to raise money via a GoFundMe page so they could bring Sam back home but United Airlines graciously offered to fly the pup down in first class along with an animal worker. The donations raised were instead used to help Sam get back to perfect health.

“I was overjoyed for my daughter. It’s been four years and my family has been through a lot. I lost my father and she lost some people who were very close. To have something good happen to her, I felt great. She never had something good like this happen to her,” her father Thomas Lambert of the New Orleans suburb of Bridge City told ABC News.

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Reviewed by Tasmai Uppin

May 4, 2015