Girl Sends Packages To Military Dogs To Honor Veteran Grandfather’s Memory

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 21, 2016

11-year old Kylie Blake from Virginia Beach knows all about the hardships U.S. military members face overseas—her grandfather served for four years before passing away recently. To honor his memory, Kylie decided to personally ensure that our four-legged heroes are well taken care of.


With the generous donations raised on her GoFundMe page, she put together more than 60 care packages for military working dogs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, and Guam, and they had some big puppy smiles for all the goodies.

one recipient

Kylie stuffed the boxes with items like blankets, treats, toys, and sprays to help heal any cuts or scratches they receive on the job. Her two black Labs, Gunner and Bentley, were always there to offer moral support.

supervisor bentley

Kylie told NewsChannel 3 that she loves all the photos the dogs’ handlers sent back, and she’s happy to learn that sometimes the rewards for doing good are even greater than what you’d expect. When she hatched her brilliant plan back in November, Kylie said:

This would not only make me happy but it would make the dogs happy too.

at the post office

And how great must it feel to have made over 60 dogs’ days, make their handlers smile too, and know that you did something that made all of that happen? Pretty doggone great.

You can still make a monetary or item donation via Kylie’s GoFundMe; she is asking for items like cooling mats, grooming brushes, salves for paws and noses, and a variety of toys and treats. You can check out the full list on her page.

Thanks for all your hard work, Kylie!

h/t My Fox Boston, featured image via Military K9 Care Packages/GoFundMe

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 21, 2016