Losing Your Teeth, As Explained By Gizmo The Dog

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

April 10, 2015

In a world obsessed with perfect teeth, some pups choose to go au naturel (mostly because dentists don’t accept payment in treats).

“Also, impawssibly straight white teeth are so 2014.”

gizzy dog new year glasses

But one New York dog is tired of walking around with a busted grill noticeably decaying teeth, so she’s getting them fixed. It’s not that Gizmo, Strand Bookstore‘s resident pup, cares what the haters say.

“I’m sorry. This seat is for non-haters only.”

dog strand bag subway

It’s just that sometimes, like when you eat too many treats Mother Nature decides it’s time, your teeth walk out on your face. Which is seriously messed up, but I guess commitment doesn’t mean anything to some of us.

“Fine, leave. And take your stupid plaque with you.”

dog new york snow stoop

And it’s just like teeth to NOPE out of your life without thinking about the consequences.

“No, I DON’T want to talk about it! We were supposed to be in this forever!”

bye felicia teeth dog

So you start uploading selfies to your Instagram account of you looking like you’re having lots of fun so no one can tell you’re breaking on the inside.

“Look, see? I can get a new bae if I want to. But it’s not the same.

snuggle toy dog

But finally your human says enough is enough and makes an appointment for you at the dentist and it’s like, really? Really?

“We’re going WHERE today?? Is this…clearly you’re joking, right?”

dog car ride nope

Gizmo’s getting her teeth removed today, which we think will just make her look derpier (and pawssibly a lot like TunaMeltsMyHeart). Sending out belly rubs and hugs to Gizzy and her human! To follow along as Gizzy ups her teeth game, check her out on Instagram!

Featured image via @newyorkdog

Reviewed by Nicole Zalat

April 10, 2015