Goat Decides Being A Goat Is Not His Thing, Lives The Life Of A Dog Instead

Meet Hobo, an adorable bouncy pygmy goat that clearly believes that he is a dog. In August, this little guy was found wandering the streets of Chorley, U.K. before being rescued by the Hillcrest Animal Hospital. The hospital made every attempt to locate his owners, but even after they posted on Facebook, no one stepped forward to claim this cutie.
That all changed once Tracy Flowers stumbled upon the hospital's post, and added Hobo to her gang of critters, which includes three other pygmy goats. He is having the time of his life in his new home, but for some reason, he has decided that goats are not his thing. Instead, he spends every moment that he can with dogs, his species of choice. And clearly, is canine friends have had an effect. Hobo Hobo is a total love muffin and will lay in your lap to get cuddles. He also likes to hand out kisses and isn't quiet when the time comes for his doggie step-siblings to get treats. Hobo According to the Daily Mail, Tracy even got a special permit to take this four legged cutie for walks in public areas, making him even more dog-like. [bp_related_article] She also said:
He will obediently stay with me even if he is off the lead. If he misses a walk he starts bleating, leaps out of his pen and comes looking for me in the house.
She attracts some interesting attention from people as she passes by them with her a-typical goat. She told the Daily Mail:
"The looks we get when people walk past and realize there's a goat ambling along in the pack are priceless. Most dogs he meets come over to sniff his behind and don't seem to realize he isn't a dog. And some people don't even realize he's not a dog - one lady came over to me and asked 'what breed of dog is that that looks so much like a goat?"
Hobo's life is pretty laid back, but he does have some limits. Hobo must spend his time in his pen in the garden and he can only come into the kitchen since he is not house trained. He also tends to get himself into some trouble with counter surfing and can jump on the kitchen table. This kid sure tries his best to use his cuteness to keep him out of trouble, though, and who could resist that adorable face? Hobo While this goat can be a little naughty, he has wiggled his way right into Flowers' family, and is now a solid member of the human and canine family.

Feature Image: Tracy Flowers/Facebook

H/T via Daily Mail.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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