A Husky’s Human Stopped At Nothing To Have Her In His Life

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

October 6, 2015

In a spin on the old boy-meets-girl-on-the-internet-and-crosses-the-country-for-love story, here’s the tail of one human and an adorable Husky-Collie pup.

When Joel Carpenter saw Sadie on Petfinder, he knew they were destined for each other. Carpenter bought a one-way ticket from his home in Portland, Maine, to Minneapolis, Minnesota to rescue the puppy…but didn’t have the funds for a return flight.




Carpenter told Inside Edition, “I just had faith it was gonna work out.” A GoFundMe campaign, several Craigslist ride-shares and couch-surfs later, the duo were still miles from home. They even walked part of the way.


That’s when an Inside Edition producer stepped in. Sadie was given a new carrier, and was able to get her shots at the vet.


When he reached Detroit, 800 miles from Portland, Carpenter was gifted a plane ticket home with his new best friend. It goes to show that a little bit of faith and love will move mountains.

Featured image via Fox 29

h/t Fox 29

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

October 6, 2015