The Foolproof Way To Show Off Your Inner Dog Person Everyone Will Love

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 13, 2016


Howloo again to all the crazy dog-men and dog-ladies out there who are sick and tired of less-than-stellar options to flaunt your puppy love. I mean, we LOVE our dogs. ALL dogs. And the world needs to know! (But they also need to be just a little jealous of our style.)

shiba sticker

Golden Doodle Goods, the go-to for an elegant twist on showing off your pup-session, now has even more breeds, designs, and swag to choose from!


The Dalmatian, Vizsla, Cockapoo, and Belgian Malinois are just a few to join the existing breed ranks, among additional dog breed decals and stickers, iPhone cases with a pop of color, and tank tops coming soon! And a brand new designer, Lance LeBlanc, has joined the team with even more beautiful designs.


Check out the rest of the designs at Golden Doodle Goods—and if you don’t see your favorite breed yet, send over a request to the Lost & Found and you’ll be notified when it arrives!


How frustrating must it be to have no better way to show your unconditional love for your pup than an “I Heart My [Dog Breed]” bone magnet on your bumper?

Jennifer Ull, founder of Golden Doodle Goods, knows the struggle all too well. That’s why she created an ultra cool lifestyle brand for dog lovers, so #1 fans of every breed can flaunt their devotion with fun, flat-out awesome designs.


Naturally, being one big group of crazy dog men and ladies here at BarkPost, we had to get to the bottom of what makes Golden Doodle illustrations so motherpuppin’ amazing.


Jennifer loves dogs, of course. She grew up with a Bichon and Silky Terrier, and she and her husband are now owned by two Shiba Inus—no surprise there! She told BarkPost:

We wanted a way to show off our love for our dogs wherever we go, and we weren’t thrilled with any of the current options available to us. Our goal is to create a line of apparel and merchandise that allows the dog breed to shine through the art.

The company is also appropriately choosy when it comes to their designs and designers. Take a look through Golden Doodle’s gallery and you’ll realize one thing right off the bat: these illustrations deserve to be shown off.

doodle shirts

The shop currently has three styles to choose from: DKNG Studios creates the geometric pups, Ryan Brinkerhoff designs the photo realistic dogs, and Steve Wolf perfects the art of line drawings for each available breed.



Each illustration suits a specific type of dog lover and their individual tastes:

We worked with each designer to provide initial art direction, and then allowed them to work their magic. It was an amazing experience to watch our ideas come to life. We continue to work with new talented designers to expand our list of breeds we offer in addition to new products.

Within the next few months Golden Doodle plans to introduce sweatshirts, hats, and phone cases to the existing ranks, as well as a host of new dog breeds. Right now you can grab a t-shirt, window decal, or laptop sticker with any of the available pups, in whichever design you like best.


And if we didn’t love ’em enough already, Golden Doodle also donates 5% of their proceeds to the ASPCA:

Giving back to the community that helps save dogs lives on a daily basis is very important to us. Dogs have been our therapy, and this is our chance to give back.

Helping people show off their favorite canines in style isn’t the only thing that gets their tails wagging. Who says we can’t be proud of our pups and make a difference at the same time?


Check out all Golden Doodle Goods has to offer its dog ruvers on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Featured Image via Golden Doodle Goods

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

January 13, 2016

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