Incredibly Chill Golden Retriever Is The Mayor Of Birdville

Bob the Golden Retriever (I have a weakness for dogs with people names) is currently blowing up the internet and giving us squad envy. [bp_related_article] The Brazilian pup is the protector and BFF to a flock of adorable brightly-colored birdies. Plus a hamster. Oh my dog. Feast your eyes on one of the most perfect interspecies friendship of the year: "You may enter if you can solve this riddle: what walks on four legs in the morning, flies on two legs in the evening...wait, I messed it up, hold on..." bob sphynx bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-291 "Bang, birdie shot me...down...." bob bang bang bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-151 "What's that? I can't ear you." bob ear bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-131 "Just a Bob on a wire." bob on a wire bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-105 "Behold, my flock!" bob last supper bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-412 "Hey little buddy, it's cool that you don't have wings. I don't either!" hamster - bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-391 "Old McPawnold had a hat, tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet." farmer bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-541 "Our cuddle puddle game is strong." bob sleeps bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-41 "You mean you don't sleep on sheets printed with your own face?" sheets bob-golden-retriever-sao-paulo-821
Featured image via @bob_goldenretriever
h/t Cute Overload

Claire Beaudreault

7 years ago

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