Dedicated Parents Create Beautiful Bucket List For Young Pup With Kidney Disease

Written by: Stephanie Figy

April 12, 2016

At only three months old, a veterinarian diagnosed Lily the Golden Retriever with renal dysplasia, a fatal kidney disorder. Her parents were told they could put her down or even return her to the breeder, but Corryn and Alex Martin refused.


Corryn said:

Euthanizing her was never an option for us. She’s like our baby, so we began forming a plan.

The plan involved speaking to experts, researching the disease and creating a bucket list that would help Lily live life to the fullest.


As a Hawaiian pup, the bucket list included a lot of fun at the beach.


She got to swim in the ocean.


And relax in the sun.


She even took a boat ride.


Of course a gal needs her Starbucks puppucino.


The family will continue the bucket list, which now includes being trained as a therapy dog for children undergoing chemotherapy, for all the days Lily has left.


As for Lily’s health, they were told they had months to a year. It’s been a couple months and she’s crossing more and more items off the list each day.

According to Corryn:

She’s surprised everyone and has maintained her numbers for now. In fact, she’s doing very well. Her energy level is good, she’s eating well, and she’s very happy.

She receives acupuncture and nightly massages to stimulate her kidneys. Throughout this, she remains a happy girl who loves to chase the waves and feel the wind in her hair.


She’s lucky to have her humans, and her humans are lucky to have her. Follow her adventures on her Instagram page.

Featured image via @lilyshawaiianbucketlist

H/t Daily Mail

Written by: Stephanie Figy

April 12, 2016