Golden Retriever Teaches A Stern Lesson To Teddy Bear Who Refuses To Play

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 30, 2015

For centuries, Golden Retrievers have been lauded as kind, patient souls. Family dogs, even. The truth is this: Goldens are cold-hearted killers, and we have the video evidence to prove it.

Zack is probably the best actor of them all. Watch as he nudges his giant visitor with a slipper for him to throw.

slipper nudge

He brilliantly keeps up the happy facade, but the glint in his eyes shows the anger boiling underneath. Zack’s helicopter tail works well enough—even his human buys it. She sends him over to the creature to make amends, but it—it all just happens so fast…

drag the bear

Zack just… he just brings it to the ground and starts to drag the body back to his human. There’s no remorse. For Dog’s sake, he wags his tail as he pulls the corpse along. His human tries so valiantly to bring some life back into the poor thing—she sits him up again, trying to ignore what she’s just seen.


But Zack won’t let it happen. The monster wouldn’t throw his slipper no matter how nicely he asked, and… well, I warned you about Goldens. He aims several more jabs at the creature’s jugular, and at that point it’s simply too late. The beast is gone.

I’m very sorry that there’s no happy ending to this story, but at least now you know the truth. Fair warning that Zack is still out there and to always lock your doors.

H/t YouTube/Rumble Viral

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 30, 2015