Golden Retriever Puppy Lazily Bats Away Swinging Gate Because Life’s So Rough

It's hard being a puppy, with all the sleeping and eating and lying around while receiving belly rubs. It's a tough life, and sometimes puppies become exhausted from all the cuteness. This Golden Retriever puppy just wants to take his 6th nap for the day, but the pesky crate door keeps getting in his way. Watch as he lazily bats it away for a solid minute. Hooman, put down the camera and help this poor puppy! Simply moving out of the gate's way is clearly not an option for him. *Got a video of your pup that makes you laugh your butt off? Share it with us on using #FunniestHomeVideos and you could win some pawesome goodies for you and your dog! Click here to find out more.*

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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