19 Things Only Golden Retriever Pup Parents Understand

We all know that Golden Retrievers are some of the most amazing dogs on the planet. But there are some things about their friendly, derpy natures you don't TRULY understand until you're their pup parent! Here are 19 things only Goldie pup parents get. 1. They're extremely smart. Like extremely. Just check out those glasses. hektor_thegolden 2. Bath time? Not a problem. beauthegoldenn 3. Their smiles are contagious. collarificdogbandanas 4. Even their ears are always happy! lucyandblu 5. They have such colorful personalities. clari_calahari 6. They've mastered selfies. wattson07 7. They make some of the greatest service and support dogs. golden.tucker 8. They'll laugh at any joke you tell them. desmondthegolden 9. They're always down for a pool party. chloeauger_ 10. Or a game of dress up. happy_golden 11. They're so beautiful that you'll feel beautiful just being with them. ozzie_the_golden 12. They'll even help you with your landscaping. zeus_goldenretriever 13. They'll never chew on your shoes. They'll only shine them (with their fur). cupcakethegolden 14. They make great wingmen. theandypuppy 15. They like to live life on the edge, if that's what you're in to. tonybobby 16. They find joy in the little things in life. jaxonbrown_golden 17. They make great work out partners. charlietheonemanparty 18. They're there for you in the most awkward of times. AND they don't judge. jalopeyjess 19. They'll always be there to shower you with love. thatgoldendog
Featured image via @collarificdogbandanas

Emily Wang

7 years ago

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