Meet The Goldens Of Chicago, The Most Adorable (And Functional) Family Reunion Ever

Take a #PuppyBreak. Come on, you deserve it. A new puppy featured every Wednesday! The Windy City. It's famous for Michigan Avenue, the Cubs, Lincoln Park, its Hot Dogs, and..... Golden Retrievers? That's right. 12965836_1560395000925302_1318797326_n As it turns out, nestled in the high rises and lofts of Chi-town reside some of the most dapper butter balls on legs... and an Instagram account to document them all. Darwin, the hooman behind @Goldens_of_Chicago, tells BarkPost that he started the account when when of his Goldens had a litter of puppies and he wanted a way to keep in touch with the families who adopted them. 12930804_205843033129219_859837819_n "We always wished we would have had the opportunity to see our own dogs grow from day olds to adults," Darwin explains. "So it was a way for us to do that with the families they would go with." ar From there, @Goldens_of_Chicago quickly went viral, with people growing more and more obsessed with the large yellow fam. 12331598_555972817895191_438566550_n "Reese Witherspoon reposted one of the puppies once!" Darwin gushes. 12599346_877651392356561_2131693436_n12552243_1115572075149371_1556450547_n Today, a year after the account was created, @Goldens_of_Chicago boasts over 40,000 followers, brimming with self-taken images of blonde furballs galore. 12558750_961451710613264_1704123917_n11820464_1631193087148424_1415868297_n Keeping it all in the family; that's real Bro-furhood! For more Chicago Goldens, give them a follow on Instagram here.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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