Meet The Goldens Of Chicago, The Most Adorable (And Functional) Family Reunion Ever

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 27, 2016

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The Windy City. It’s famous for Michigan Avenue, the Cubs, Lincoln Park, its Hot Dogs, and….. Golden Retrievers?

That’s right.


As it turns out, nestled in the high rises and lofts of Chi-town reside some of the most dapper butter balls on legs… and an Instagram account to document them all.

Darwin, the hooman behind @Goldens_of_Chicago, tells BarkPost that he started the account when when of his Goldens had a litter of puppies and he wanted a way to keep in touch with the families who adopted them.


“We always wished we would have had the opportunity to see our own dogs grow from day olds to adults,” Darwin explains.

“So it was a way for us to do that with the families they would go with.”


From there, @Goldens_of_Chicago quickly went viral, with people growing more and more obsessed with the large yellow fam.


“Reese Witherspoon reposted one of the puppies once!” Darwin gushes.


Today, a year after the account was created, @Goldens_of_Chicago boasts over 40,000 followers, brimming with self-taken images of blonde furballs galore.


Keeping it all in the family; that’s real Bro-furhood!

For more Chicago Goldens, give them a follow on Instagram here.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 27, 2016