10 Reasons We Love Good Reasons

Written by: Emily Wang

December 22, 2015

If you’re a fan of supporting companies who give back to their communities, Good Reasons is perfect for you.

This not-for-profit company not only crafts delicious and healthy dog treats made of only the healthiest ingredients, but they’re also on a mission to help out those with autism and other disabilities. Happy pups AND happy hoomans? What could be better?

Below are our top ten favorite things about Good Reasons (although there are surely many more where these came from)!

1. They use a mixture of veggies, flours and quality meats in their doggy snacks. This means a ton of flavor packed into a bite-sized healthy treat for your pup. 


2. They employ people of all abilities and are on a mission to help people live a more productive and integrated life.


3. Their snacks are sourced and made in New York. Two paws up for supporting local!


4. Their dog treats are human-grade. Can’t ask for more than that!


5. Head chef Allan Katz is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. No better person to cook up delicious and healthy snacks for your four-legged best friend than this pro! 


6. They’re founded by Vicki Sylvester, Ph. D., who has roots in being an advocate for the disabled community AND a huge animal lover. 


7. The holidays are about giving, and these cause-worthy gifts are perfectly fitting for any dog owner this season.


8. The treats pass the healthy and natural test! Find them in the aisle of your local Whole Foods Market during your next grocery run.


9. You can also get Good Reasons dog treats at any time from the BarkShop! How handy.

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10. Most importantly, they’re determined to unleash love and potential. With every bite of tastiness your dog enjoys, you can feel amazing about where that treat came from.


Written by: Emily Wang

December 22, 2015