GPS Reveals Dogs Cover Twice As Much Ground On Walks As Us Lazy Humans

Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 14, 2016

Do you sometimes question why your pup is just SO pooped after a measly little stroll? Is this fur real? Are they playing up their exhaustion in the hopes that it’ll snag them some pity and an extra treat? Or are they really that tired?

Drama queen...or better athlete than you'll ever be?

Dog owner Rod Kirkpatrick was curious about this, too, so he and his eight-year-old daughter, Freya, conducted a little experiment with their 15-month-old Springer Spaniel, Chester, by going for a “walk” (we put that in quotes because it was actually several miles — a big walk, if you ask me). While Freya recorded the human mileage using a Smartphone app, Chester was outfitted with a GPS tracker and a small camera to chart his travels.

chester with gps

The results? Chester traveled more than TWICE the distance that Rod and Freya did, covering an impressive 8.8 miles to their measly (kidding – that’s a lot of walking) 4.2 miles. As the below map shows, while Rod and Freya stayed more or less on course, Chester had quite an adventure, zig-zagging, winding, and meandering wherever the winds and his nose took him.

map collage
Rod and Freya’s route, on the left, totaled 4.2 miles, whereas Chester’s more, um, creative path added up to 8.8 miles.

While you might be surprised by these findings, Rod and Freya weren’t. According to them, Chester is an energetic, inquisitive dog who loves to explore on walks. In fact, Rod was expecting the mileage difference to be even greater (although I’m honestly impressed with all participants’ efforts — I get tired walking up the stairs). Nonetheless, if your pup is curious like Chester, they may be getting a great workout — more than you, and more than you bargained for — when you take them on a hike or walk.

freya and chester

Not surprising to Rod? When Chester returned home and immediately passing out in front of the fire — for a (scientifically confirmed) well-deserved nap.

Check out the video of their adventure below!

Featured image via Daily Mail

H/t Daily Mail

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Written by: Katie Kirnan

January 14, 2016

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