Grandpa Dan The Elderbull Has Had A Ruff Life And Needs A Second Chance – Fast

Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 6, 2016

Grandpa Dan spent almost all of his first decade locked in a cage.

He was almost ten years old when he finally got out, confiscated from the owners who’d kept him confined. He lived for nearly a year at a veterinarian’s office after that.

Dan has spent the last year with foster parents. And the elderbull has, in that year, finally, slowly, learned that life is going to be different from now on. In fact, life is going to be great, with belly rubs, and toys to rip apart, and soft beds to sleep on  — and, of course, loving humans to give him those belly rubs and toys, and to snuggle him close in bed.

“It took him a number of months to come out of his shell and realize human affection is actually a good thing,” says Emily Randolph, vice-president of the Minnesota-based nonprofit Furever Home Rescue. “Which just breaks my heart.”


Dan is nearly 12 years old now, and the great life he’s just become accustomed to is getting upended soon.

In May, Grandpa Dan’s foster parents are moving, and they can’t take him along.


So Emily is now on the hunt for someone new who can take this smiling dog in — and give him all the love and stability he deserves.

And, since it’s all happening soon, someone who can commit to all of that, stat.


Danny can be outright adopted into his new family. Furever Home is also willing to consider a permanent foster-type situation — his medical bills, in that case, would be covered by the rescue.

Either way, you should know that Grandpa Dan has a sweet personality, but irritable bowels — so he’s got to eat special food. That means no matter how longingly he gazes at you, and he will gaze at you longingly, no treats.

Grandpa Dan - Furever home-23

It also means Dan needs to go out every 4-6 hours, and his person should be patient when he’s having a flareup.

“He is very timid when he has accidents, likely from having bad experiences when it happened previously,” says Emily.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.27.47 PM

The most important thing is that Dan should go home to people who will love him so much for the rest of his life.

People, says Emily, who will “make things right” after the cruelty Dan endured in his younger days, before his face turned white, before he earned the name Grandpa.

Senior dogs deserve the best in this world, especially ones that have had a rough past like Danny. We owe it to them to show them the joys of life and a chance to live out their lives surrounded by love, in a home they can call their own.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.54.06 PM

Furever Home Rescue prefers foster and adoptive homes in Minnesota, but is willing to send Grandpa Dan out of state for the right family. Here’s Dan’s adoption listing.

Check out Grandpa Dan’s Facebook page. Email [email protected] for more infomation.

And get in touch at [email protected] if you have a dog story to share!

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Featured image via Grandpa Dan/Facebook

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Written by: Arin Greenwood

April 6, 2016

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