Curious Great Dane Gets Stuck On The Roof Trying To Check Out The Awesome View

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 5, 2016

Country radio host and “adopt don’t shop” advocate Wendy Steele looked outside her window on Friday and saw… well… she saw this:

dane on roof

According to Wendy’s iHeartRadio blog, the Dane, named Ridick, and his owner are new to the neighborhood. There’s also a second Dane that lives in the home, but that one’s not as mischievous as this guy.

Ridick’s owner told Steele:

Ridick is a Houdini and can open doors, unlock windows, and then open them. He was locked downstairs with our other Dane for safe keeping while at work but apparently he was able to push his way through the locked door and went around opening windows to get outside to say hello to all the new neighbors.

The dogs’ human wasn’t home at the time, and Wendy called 911. The Middletown Fire Department arrived and lured the giant dingus back inside the home.


Wendy caught it all on video:

Whew! High paws to everyone! We’re so glad this dorky dog learned his lesson and stopped trying to spy on the neighbors – oh, no wait, he didn’t learn anything. He tried it again a little while later! First responders secured all of the windows and all was right in the world once again!

The dogs’ human told Wendy:

Thanks again to everyone (Fire, police, and neighbors) who pitched in to keep my puppers safe!

We hope these two clever Danes are smart enough to limit their people watching to regular walks with their hooman and abandon their roof-climbing ways.

Feature image via Wendy Steele/Country 92-5/iHeartRadio.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 5, 2016